What are the indications?
Nanoderm® is indicated for the treatment of lesions where there is a loss of skin; for instance, second-degree burns, dermabrasions, skin donor area, ulcerations of varied etiology, injuries caused by incisions, decubitus ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers.

Can Nanoderm® be used on an infected wound?
No, the infection should be treated first before Nanoderm® application.

Can Nanoderm® be used in a necrotic area?
No, the necrotic tissue should be removed, followed by applying Nanoderm® to achieve an optimal result.

Can Nanoderm® be used with topical medication?
Topical medication may be used directly on the wound bed before the Nanoderm® membrane application. Topical medications may prevent or delay the membrane adherence to the wound bed; therefore, it requires gauzes to stabilize Nanoderm® in place until a protective scab is formed.