Step 5

  • Use gauze and bandage to fix Nanoderm®.


  • Some patients may report a stinging sensation, which is resulted from Nanoderm® settling over the exposed nerve endings and should disappear after a few minutes.

  • Removal of dressing during dressing change: dampen the dressing with saline and remove it slowly; usually, no pain is resulted.

  • When the wound is healed, Nanoderm® will fall off naturally.


Step 1

  • Before applying Nanoderm®, disinfect and debride the wound using the corresponding standard care for the wound type. 

  • Open the pouch and carefully remove Nanoderm®.

  • Dried Nanoderm® is dampened with a saline solution.

  • Wet Nanoderm® can be applied directly to the wound.


Step 2

  • Place Nanoderm® over the wound. Nanoderm® should be at least 1 cm larger than the edges of the wound.

  • If additional Nanoderm® are used, overlap them by at least 1 cm.


Step 3

  • To fully adhere Nanoderm® to the wound surface, use a sterile pad dampened with saline solution to remove any air bubbles and secretions. Apply gentle pressure.


Step 4

  • Carefully trim excess Nanoderm®.